Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Too busy to craft!!!

Well i can't believe how busy the last week or so has been, each day has been the same routine.......

7am - get up and start doing VAT returns (shake kids off my leg and feed them junk to let me get on with
2pm - start packing shop orders, go for a shower and get kids ready, check for anymore orders and pack them ready to go to post office for 5pm.
5pm onwards - cook, clean and play with neglected children!!!

Well i'm pleased to say that the worst of it is over now as far as the day job (VAT) is concerned as i have finished all my end of month deadline jobs today *woohoo*.

I will be taking tomorrow off work (both the shop and VAT - still got loads of non payment ones to do) so sorry in advance as no orders will be sent out and also to my boss cause if he tries to ring me i'm not I'm going down to my mums for the day so i don't even have to look at any mess (not in my own house

I will also be taking a short while off crafting. Partly because i haven't been spending much quality time with the kids and partly because instead of relaxing me as it used to i'm feeling like i have to do this and i must get that done etc etc. It won't be a long break but a break none the less!!

Did i tell you all i have given up smoking???...........Well i have. I gave up on 19th October and started on the patches and WOW do they have some side effects!! I couldn't sleep and when i did eventually get to sleep the dreaming would wake me (slept 2 hours a night for three nights!!). My arms also felt like a dead weight, indigestion, stomach cramps etc - well by Wednesday of last week i was so fed up and tired that i cracked and had a fag......argh!!!

But the good news is, i found a way to make the patches work for me (just wearing one for a few hours early in the day) but even that wasn't great so since Saturday i have gone without the patches or anything else and i find it so much easier. So things are going well with the NO SMOKING at the moment.

Well for what started out as a short post to say why i haven't blogged has turned into an Oh and before i forget i haven't shown you my card for Sketch Saturday so here it is...................


Ria said...

Your card is so beautifull. really Elegant with those flowers!! Well done :)

GOOD for you that you stopped smoking. I hope you can keep it up.
hugs Ria

Mariska said...

Gorgeous card! I love the little roses, they are so cute and love what you did with the edges of the backing paper. Gorgeous!!!


Sandra said...

Beautiful card... just love those colours. Sounds like you've been a busy bee. Well done with giving up smoking.... I need one of those patches to stop me eating!! ;oD
Sandra xx

Els G. said...

Love your card!
Well done with the 'no smoking'.
I stopped in July and once in a while smoke one (more like a half) around midnight (must be the witch in me, lol). Now it's been over 14 days I took a cigarette (although I sometimes think about them, I even left a package in sight!!!) and I don't use patches or anything else! So if I can do it, you can too!
Take care and enjoy your break! You deserve it.
Hugs from Belgium.