Thursday, 31 July 2008

My New Craft Room

Well i've shown you my new blog so i thought next i would show you my new craft room. It's only a corner in my bedroom but i think i have done the best i can with the space i had and to suit my needs.

This is a picture of the whole space. It doesn't look much but you should have seen the amount of space i used to work in. This is like crafting in Paradise compared to

This is how I've decided to store my un-mounted stamps. They are clear 12x12 boxes which are 1" wide allowing me to use top and bottom to stick my stamps on. Wooden stamps are kept in the thinner satchels top right hand side of the desk.
I have these embellishment satchels all in the right hand bottom side of the desk. They are great for sorting all my little bits in.I keep all my 12x12 paper collections in the top half. In the lower half i have 1 draw full of christmas papers etc, one draw for punches and the other 2 have tools in them such as my encaustic art stuff (which i never use!!).

I love these shelves and they were a real bargain from Ikea. The shelves were only £5.99 each (they were originally 6" longer but i wanted them cut down a bit) and the brackets were £9.50 a pair. I put these up myself and my boyfriend laughed as although i done a good job (they are actually level !!) i used 6" screws - he says if the house falls down my shelves would still be I did use the large screws on purpose as we all know how heavy lots of paper can be , plus i wanted to put all my big tools on there (just maybe i didn't need them as big as i
Loving these rails from Ikea. The large one was £1.99 and the smaller was £1.49. Cups were 49p (bargain or what!!) and the racks ranged from 99p to £1.99. It is so easy to craft now i have everything to hand.
I'm loving my new space and i have even noticed a difference in the quality of my cards and i have alot more inspiration now. Everyone NEEDS a designated craft space it really helps the mojo!! Don't know what i done without mine!!

Bye for now. x


Carmen said...

Very organized. Enjoy your space!!

Lisa said...

Love your craft Space Em : )
lis xx

Sammee said...

Great craft space, very tidy!! Wished mine looked so tidy....
Sam x

Scrappinaway said...

Wow, that is wonderful for a small space!! Love how you did it and it looks so nice too!!!

michelle said...

wow!! where did u get the storage boxes for ur 12x12 paper? i move into my new house in three weeks and have got a whole bedroom to make into my craft room! im so lucky!

Sassy Crafts said...

I michelle, i am a reseller for these, the ones i've used in my desk/cubes are the satchels, you can find them here:

Ishadow said...

great space....can I ask where you purchased your claer stamp storage things?? thanks